Card scammers lift ++$50 million from AUS McDonald’s customers

Reports coming of large scale debit card scams from October 2009.

Banks are not required to report fraud occurrences publicly.

Watch the video

News item: January 20, 2010, Maccas EFTPOS scam

An international crime gang is targeting fast food stores in Queensland, stealing EFTPOS terminals and cleaning out accounts.

Quote from a cop:

Happy days for the crook and sad days for the victim.

Other Austrialian news reports:

1. Bank blocks 10,000 banking cards after EFTPOS scam revealed

A McDonald’s spokeswoman remained tight-lipped about how many of its EFTPOS machines had been compromised.

“We can’t discuss any details of the investigation,” she said yesterday.

A security upgrade of McDonald’s EFTPOS terminals across the country had been completed the week before Christmas, she said.

The upgrade followed attacks on McDonald’s outlets in Perth last year.

2. EFTPOS scam reports ‘disturbing’: Rudd, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has described reports of a nationwide credit card skimming scam as “highly disturbing”.

NSW Police say every Australian capital city and some regional centres have been hit by the scam, which has netted more than $50 million in NSW alone.

Six people have been arrested in NSW in relation to the scam, which police say involves criminals committing armed robberies to get hold of EFTPOS machines.

3. Crims rip off $50m in Eftpos scam

Fraud squad investigators say the criminals have ripped off Australian cardholders for at least $50 million.

NSW Police Strike Force Wigg told the Daily Telegraph that 50 members of an Asian-based criminal gang had been identified as “persons of interest”.

Detectives say the skimmers were mostly operating in all capital cities and in major rural centres.

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