2nd largest Oz franchisor hires 2009 convicted record-breaking wage-dodger

Convicted wage-dodger gets plum job

Don’t you just love that headline?

It seems Jim’s Mowing et al, Australia’s 2nd largest franchisor group by numbers of investors,  just hired a man called Richard Reid as their second in command who:

…was fined $207,900 in the Melbourne Magistrates Court in July, has been appointed chief operating officer of Jim’s Group.

His appointment has caused bemusement among several of the Group’s master franchisors, many of whom have been trying to remove its high-profile head, Jim Penman, from the organisation he founded.

In the Justice’s opinion:

Magistrate Kate Hawkins, in sentencing Mr Reid and his company Reiquin Pty Ltd, said he had “attempted to take advantage of the youth and naivety of his employees”.

“Mr Reid is university educated and I infer must have known at all relevant times the actions … were wholly unlawful,” she said.

“It is beyond contemplation that an employer in Australia in the twenty-first century could think otherwise.”

The fine was a Victorian record. Mr Reid told the court had had “felt overwhelmed by the pressures of running his business”.

Fair Work Ombudsman Victoria executive director Michael Campbell said: “This is completely unacceptable and I want to make it abundantly clear that would-be slave merchants will be rooted out and prosecuted.”

I love the Australians.

Reminds me of another executive VP, Lorn/Lawrence Austin who’s now running Miami Subs.

One Response to 2nd largest Oz franchisor hires 2009 convicted record-breaking wage-dodger

  1. Boudica says:

    Jim Penman is quoted as saying in response:

    “Richard’s offense was to pay some staff as contractors rather than employees, a technical breach but certainly not an ethical one. He’s a great guy and we’re really lucky to have him.”


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