is my gift to franchisees

Godin makes several good points about gifts:

When done properly, gifts work like nothing else. A gift gladly accepted changes everything. The imbalance creates motion, motion that pushes us to a new equilibrium, motion that creates connection.

The key is that the gift must be freely and gladly accepted. Sending someone a gift over the transom isn’t a gift, it’s marketing. Gifts have to be truly given, not given in anticipation of a repayment. True gifts are part of being in a community (willingly paying taxes for a school you will never again send your grown kids to) and part of being an artist (because the giving motivates you to do ever better work).

John and I created, coming up to 1 year now. I archived the stories as a witness to franchisees’ lives.  We don’t take it personally that it has been almost largely shunned publicly. That’s consistent with my personal experience since 1998.

We didn’t have to do it and nobody has to read it either. But those that have, have been changed, I think, a little bit anyways. And it’s robust enough to handle a lot of extra eyeballs.

The imbalance between giver, receiver, and observer (powerful/less) is a just a byproduct of franchisees’ lives. That’s were the power of comes from: life stories.

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