Is Toyota being seen as the new Ford Pinto?

Without an attempt to remember history, man remains a very stupid animal (1970 ad).This is a Wikipedia post outlines the Ford Pinto safety controversy:

The model became a focus of a major scandal when it was alleged that the car’s design allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in the event of a rear-end collision which sometimes resulted in deadly fires and explosions. Critics argued that the vehicle’s lack of a true rear bumper as well as any reinforcing structure between the rear panel and the tank meant that in certain collisions, the tank would be thrust forward into the differential, which had a number of protruding bolts that could puncture the tank. This, and the fact that the doors could potentially jam during an accident (due to poor reinforcement) allegedly made the car less safe than its contemporaries.

I guess this 1977 Mother Jones article seemed to have been influential: Pinto Madness.

For seven years the Ford Motor Company sold cars in which it knew hundreds of people would needlessly burn to death.

I’m following the role of Mr. Dimitrios Biller here (so far):

I brought into our family our 4th Civic last month.

One Response to Is Toyota being seen as the new Ford Pinto?

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Ralph Nader — where are you? If it hadn’t been for the excellent Mr. Nader who used his law degree to benefit the public, things would be much worse for the driving public. Of course, the excellent and incorruptible Mr. Nader has been marginalized by those on top of the financial pyramids who don’t want the law interferring with their profits.

    We have been led to believe that Democracy and Capitlism are equal partners and can peacefully coexist to benefit all mankind in a global economy in which the primary goal is maximization of profits for those on the top of the financial pyramids — even if this means that innocents must die on behalf of maximizing profits.

    We shouldn’t be surprised but we should feel sad that “outrage” has given away to acceptance that under Capitalism, “justice for all” and “integrity” is old fashioned and not financially expedient. Some must die so that others can live better or something like that!


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