Games teach values

As a boy, I learned imagination and how to dream from this game.

The physical movements allowed me to express emotions as a person. I think this has something to do with why Canadians are so closely tied to this identity.

And I think that value allows the appreciation of the intelligence, skill and desire as shown by Alexander Ovechkin?

Games are used to teach and re-affirm cultural values in “the real world.” They instruct behaviour for both the young and old.

A “win-take-all”, mindless win/lose mentality degrades human spirit and potential. Brilliance cuts through cynicism and apathy.

Whatever makes Ovechkin run is contagious.

Ovechkin beams with Russian pride

“I’m proud to be Russian,” Ovechkin said during an interview with The Associated Press. “We have probably the best country in the world.

“Everything is the best: hockey players, cars, girls.”

The reigning, two-time NHL MVP is certainly making his case on the ice, making jaw-dropping plays with his skates, stick and shoulders.

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