Franchisors create a cage which affects franchisee behaviour

Franchisors control 95% of the business model (ie. when you work, what you wear, who you associate with, what you can afford, etc).

Every environment changes the people within it (franchisors and franchisees).

Franchisees, as a consequence of group and individual cultural, social and psychological forces become institutionalized.

…individuals in institutions may be deprived (unintentionally) of independence and of responsibility, to the point that once they return to “outside life” they are often unable to manage many of its demands…

The law and internet has freed franchisees: but these very powerful, internal and misunderstood forces continue a chain gang mentality.

I see this every day. Franchisees who have lost their former life-skills: confused, conflicted and in unnecessary pain. And it’s in the family where this toxic play is acted out.

Listening to you partner is the key.

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