The greatest Lies are told in Silence

Himmler at Dachau

Every organization is only as healthy as its secrets.

Below: Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler’s speech to the SS officers responsible for carrying out the wholesale extermination of the European Jews. Delivered in Poznan, Poland on October 4, 1943.

The text of the speech scrolls in both the original German and its English Translation.

2 Responses to The greatest Lies are told in Silence

  1. Carol Cross says:

    When I listened to this speech, I am reminded of the ugliness and baseness of human nature throughout history that has always rationalized killing other people’s innocent children in defense of their premise that they and their God are morally and religiously superior to the enemy and its children and its God who must be exterminated to protect THEIR children.

    The manipulation of the “conscience” of the German people (A predominantly Christian Nation at that time) and the SS Troops under Fascism and the umbrella of nationalism and patriotism and love of country and FEAR for their own children produced a populace who were silent in any opposition to the greatest crime in history

    After the war, in Heidelberg, where I lived and worked, no Germans that I had contact with would admit that they knew for certain that there was a planned extermination of the Jewish people within their midst. If their Jewish neighbors disappeared during the night never to be heard from again, it was not politically expedient and it was actually dangerous to “their own children” to inquire about the whereabouts of their missing neighbors. It was easier not to know and to submit to “God’s Will” as manifested in the rise to power of Adolph Hitler who would return the German State to the Germans and end the terrible depression in Germany — that was blamed on the depravity of the Jews who didn’t have Christian values?

    The great institutions of the Church and the Law and the Courts were also silent in the extermination of the Jews within Germany and in the free World outside of Germany for much too long.

    Not only are “The Greatest Lies Told in Silence” but the silencing of opposition to the lies becomes necessary under the flag of fascist governments who use “patriotism” and “unhealthy nationalism” and fear to silence any opposition to their goals.

    Perhaps my early experiences and my love of my country and its institutions is what has made me an “independent voter” and an activist internet poster against the FTC’s lie about the purpose of franchise regulation and the ugly ramifications of the “lie” for good faith investors in franchises. When the agencies of government can lie with impunity and immunity under cover of government regulation and the courts protect these lies, this is dangerous for democracy. —in my opinion!

    I am further silenced in that my postings are no longer accepted on “Unhappy Franchisee” but “I continue my march” with the hope that Goggle will indiscriminately pick up any comments that I make on Franchise Fraud, Churning, and Regulation, etc.. and display them on the Internet and that, eventually, push will come to shove and there will be some changes in or an elimination entirely of the FTC Franchise Rule.

    It’s not like the FTC doesn’t know and understand that the flaw in the FTC Rule invites intentional torts and fraud, is it?


  2. Les Stewart says:


    Thank you for your comments.

    There is nothing like an honest witness to cut through the haze of time. Well done, Les


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