Food safety culture, dinosaur franchisor and Role of Franchisees

A very good article from Barfblog and Dr. Doug Powell.

He suggests in What is a food safety culture?:

Creating a culture of food safety requires application of the best science with the best management and communication systems, including compelling, rapid, relevant, reliable and repeated, multi-linguistic and culturally-sensitive messages. That’s why we create food safety infosheets (in several languages), blog posts (even the silly ones) and get out in the field to figure out what works best. Talking with people helps.

I see the integrity of the farm, distributor (franchisee), retailer and consumer in the diagram above. First-class in the Canadian grocery industry, I’d say.

I frequently do NOT see the basic management competence of the processor (franchisor).

The best way is to exterminate the dinosaur franchisor managers via internet information sharing.

Incompetence works in the field of food safety just as easily as in the area of franchisee relationship management. Top-down, authoritarian, paternalistic: franchisees feel the fist first but the public/consumers suffer from this condescending culture eventually. Franchisees have a role to play in communicating this unnecessary public risk.

Lives, literally, are depending on it.

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