Does a state of war exist in your franchise system?

Yes or no.

Is someone trying to kill your life savings?

Your franchisor has declared war on you whether or not you care to acknowledge it.

Your choice is to throw panzies (trot off to lawyer, talk) or panzers.

Blitzkrieg (German for “lightning war”): see Heinz Guderian.

Rebranding is the fastest method for franchisor to strip cash just before a dirty intentional insolvency.

The definition of throwing good money after bad.

Man schlägt jemanden mit der Faust und nicht mit gespreizten Fingern. (You hit somebody with your fist and not with your fingers spread.) Guderian quotes

Of Guderian:

Sixty per cent of what the German Panzer Forces became was due to him. Ambitious, brave, a heart for his soldiers, who liked and trusted him; rash as a man, quick in decisions, strict with officers, real personality, therefore many enemies. Blunt, even to Hitler. As a trainer – good; thorough; progressive. If you suggest revolutionary ideas, he will say in 95 per cent of cases, ‘Yes’, at once. General Freiherr von Geyr

Some warriors behave nobly despite being surrounded by human filth.

Life after the war

  • Together with his Panzer staff, Guderian surrendered to American  troops on 10 May 1945 and remained in U.S. custody as a prisoner of war until his release on 17 June 1948. Despite Soviet and Polish government protests, he was not charged with any war crimes during the Nuremberg Trials, as his actions and behavior were ruled to be consistent with those of a professional soldier.
  • After the war he was often invited to attend meetings of British veterans’ groups, where he analyzed past battles with his old foes…. Wikipedia

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