Are there franchisor collaborators in your midst?


And they’re probably the highest volume, most profitable franchisees.

Talking about “the” franchisees or “our” group is a dangerous over-generalization when franchisees start planning a prison break. Franchisees are either ok, stumbling by or hemorrhaging cash: usually in 1/3 measures. The very best systems are 40:40:20.

The motivations of each individual franchisee depends on their relative ranking within each tradename system. Their personal weaknesses are the franchisor’s control mechanisms.

Beware the “managers” clothed in franchisee wool: his or wife’s family money will betray real franchisees all the time.

Highest volume franchisees almost always act as if they were franchisors. And in my experience, they’re the highest volume because of favours given. But the greatest obstacle is between their ears: They perceive themselves in a favoured spot (ie. top dog on the steaming heap) and will not relinquish this ego position. They cling to informal influence by failing to lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Their only job is to sabotage any productive discussion, let alone realistic planning.

See Franchisee associations: House versus field negroes. Every group needs an outsider to point out the wolves in sheep’s clothing.  This is my paid services to serious, honest field negro franchisees. I help individuals franchisees work out situations in franchising in the most cost-effective, anonymous and safest manner possible. I will always return any phone call, whether or not I am being paid.

Want a great hint as to who is likely to go Judas-on-your-ass?

They will acknowledge the need for reform but urge a “middle path”.

They will tell their “peers” that they can never become franchisors themselves, notwithstanding the histories of Dave Thomas, Ron Joyce,  and Ted Gorski. They need to be the smartest guy in the room, even if it means dumbing everyone else down. Too smart for me?: keep him outside.

Be fooled by the quislings if you want:

One franchisee makes a majority in the proper franchisee-led, consultant-coached/trained and specialized lawyer-negotiated independence plan. A co-operative not a slaughterhouse.

Ever heard of a hostile, but confidential, takeover of a predatory franchise system by current and former franchisees?


Good luck with your plan then…

2 Responses to Are there franchisor collaborators in your midst?

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Sure! Is is no mistake that this “way of doing business” i.e. franchising and the “independent contractor” guise of the franchise agreements does keep the franchisees (the tangible assets that make the franchisors whole)and the not- so -independent franchisee contractors separated from each other and silent in their own interests!

    No doubt that the franchisors hold all of the aces under law, process, and procedure and are unhappy with people like you who try to make franchisees understand that “only when they stand together” and protect each other will franchising get any better for everybody — even those franchisees who right now are doing okay. But, selfishness is born into human nature and the franchisors depend upon human nature to perpetuate their churn-based profits in good and bad economies.
    Read Ezine Articles: “Franchise Regulation Realities – Deception or Patriotism” — “Disadvantage of Buying a New Franchise” — “Franchise Disclosure Document — Beware of Red Herring” and “Buying a Franchise–The Great Hoax — A Business of your Own” and Buying a Franchise — Look out for the Franchisors Use of Sucking Third Party Straws” or something like that!


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