Terminations should be seen primarily as a system failure

Employment or franchisee: look at the business model that resulted in a negative outcome. Don’t assume and fall into scapegoating the individual.

Sure some firings are high-profile but do you honestly think lots of innocent people were not harmed years before the drama? Where were your “good” managers then? Pretty quiet about the abuse, I bet.

No one should be happy when anyone is fired.

People are made by their environment. They added and dropped skills as they were rewarded in their hierarchies: within a man-made corporate culture. And, in the end, they’re just just much more sad, scared and fearful than any franchisee I have ever met.

We all know that about bullies, don’t we?

Firing the ankles of the company is not necessarily proof of a re-formed system.

Corporate culture is a tough,  next-to impossible thing to change that takes high priority and a budget that rivals marketing.

Look at the Hips: Don’t fall for a stupid ice hockey head fake. If there is no line budget item for re-form ($ and senior management time), how serious is this “change” anyway?

If it doesn’t jingle, it doesn’t count.


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