Exit interviews prevent franchise management corruption

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Good companies acknowledge this human tendency and act to protect their shareholders’ value.

Exit interviews with leaving employees prevents and uncovers manager-initiated risky behavior such as bullying, harassment and corruption.

Franchise systems are very vulnerable to corruption by low- and middle-management because of there is no natural organizational corruption counter-weight.

Brilliant systems would conduct these interviews in co-operation with their Attorneyless Franchisee Network.

Rampant management incompetence, bribes and kickbacks. When managers can favor one franchisee over another, have absolute discretion with zero franchisee appeal mechanisms, cash always changes hands. Always.

  • What is the going rate for shifting an account from one franchisee to another?
  • A whole block of business?
  • 10%, 20% cash upfront? vacations? gifts?

A consequence for silencing all franchisees is a flourishing management black market for “favours asked, favours given“.

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