Franchisee winners frequently become weiners

Everyone’s has to pay and fight for their freedom.  There are no shortcuts.

You wanted a shortcut into small business and look where that’s got you, genius. Show a little discipline, faith and patience for once. Ok?

Pre-existing personality traits means many franchisees are unskilled and unaware (Dunning-Kruger Effect) and they sabotage their rescue by exercising the same low quality muscles

They don’t know/care to know the dance steps:

the returns for resistance in Year 1 can be taken back (plus, plus, plus) in Year 2, 3, 4…

Capital sucks and blows.  Savvy?

  1. Pennies flow out from franchisor,
  2. overconfidence effect/pathological levels of optimism bias kicks in,
  3. we-can-drive-the-bus concept forms,
  4. principles are abandoned (egalitarianism, transparency, patience, loyalty),
  5. boundaries are enforced,
  6. pennies flow back to franchisor, and
  7. substantial old testament, MF dollars is ripped back (lessons in power for grapevine).

Cause/effect are mashed up (ie create a plausible story to sell to the honest but unaware masses of franchisees) with the exiting attorney/consultant/franchisor being served the shit sandwich.

Wicked clever. Just Wiki.

Few franchisees look in the mirror to see how their greed entered into their self- then other-betrayal.

In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. Bertrand Russell

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