Our Industry: Love it or leave it

Different Gods have different values; or so some people think.

Atheists have a harder time but so do non-Christians. Visible minorities, that much more.

Religious believers tend to associate their religion closely with morality. Some go so far as to think that the two are inseparable — that without their religion, or religion generally, or at least some sort of theism, morality and moral behavior are impossible. Depending on their attitude, this can lead people to insist that unless a person is a member of their religion, or is a member of some religion, or is at least a theist, then they cannot be moral and if they are given any power then they will end up promoting immorality.

Without God, All Things are Permitted, Godless Atheists Promote a Valueless, Immoral World without Order or Structure, Austin Cline

2 Responses to Our Industry: Love it or leave it

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Deep subject. Secularism and the separation of God, the greatest intelligence, from the powers of state and democratic government leads to perhaps a “Valueless, Immoral World without Order or Structure” because “morality” is not a learned behnavior that is taught outside of the Commandmants of the Church in the domestic or commercial worlds in which we live.

    While the humanists preach that the value of morality is central to the respect for individual lives and those societal values that support and nourish the individuals in society and thus the greater good of society, they reject the notion of a supreme being or a supreme intelligence outside of the known rules of Science and Nature. Humanists do appear to admit that they are not sufficient unto themselves and do not deny the existence of God but will not proclaim the existence of God, and are generally agnostics.

    Atheists, however, stupidly insist that they KNOW that there is NO God and want to destroy any mention of God in public life and in our schools and in the media. Their arrogance, it is said, is a gift of the devil who has great power to seduce the minds of those who believe that their innate “intelligence” will explain the history and the nature and the furture of mankind here on earth.

    When there is no “God within” and no commandments to be respected, we are not our brothers and our sisters’ keepers and we do not do unto others as we would have others do unto us? Or, are we moral because we understand that without morality and love, we are lost to ourselves and to others?


  2. Carol Cross says:

    PS — Richard Solomon, who comments wisely and often about the morons who naively buy franchises, indicates that government (i.e. regulation) is not about morality but about money and why should prospective franchisees think that they should get some protection from government that they haven’t paid for?

    Why, indeed?



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