Franchisees can be man-eaters

Attorneys/corporate types/bankers/hedge fund weasels are the prototypical old world man.

Professions of rationality, knowledge, and individualism. A monopoly on reason. An air of smugness bordering on open contempt.

Just like the 17th century Jesuits in New France.

Franchisees are indigenous peoples; experts in the local landscape.

Jean de Brébeuf‘s career is a case in point:

Attaining sainthood

However, the Iroquois began to win their war with the Hurons. They destroyed a large Huron village in 1648 and on March 16, 1649, 1200 Iroquois captured the mission of St. Ignace and then a few hours later captured another Huron village where they seized Brébeuf and his fellow Jesuit Gabriel Lallemant and brought them back to St. Ignace. There they were fastened to stakes and tortured to death by scalping, mock baptism using boiling water, fire, necklaces of red hot hatchets and mutilation.

According to Catholic tradition, Brébeuf did not make a single outcry while he was being tortured and he astounded the Iroquois, who later cut out his heart and ate it in hopes of gaining his courage.

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