What is the activity on WikiFranchise.org?

I have an idea where WikiFranchise viewers are, for June 2010 at least.

Love seeing non-North American viewers. That’s were the change will happen first. Note the translation pages (below).

This is the total activity for June and comparing it to 6 months ago (Dec 2009).

  1. Unique Visitors: 2,250 (5.0 times more)
  2. Number of Visitors: 2,991 (3.3 times more)
  3. Pages: 19,104 (3.8 times more)
  4. Hits: 28,123 (4.1 times more)
  5. Bandwidth MB: 560.56 (3.0 times more)

Daily Mean Bandwidth MB: 18.69 or 3.1 times more

  • Most of the WikidFranchise files are less than 15 KB so that’s a lot of viewing.

Top 5 Viewed Files

  1. Seniors beat up financial adviser with Zimmer frame 3,656
  2. Hells Angels bricklayer plot busted 1,361
  3. M&M Meat Shops chain bolsters weaker links 327
  4. The ‘idea guy’ behind Tim Hortons saw others get rich while he went bankrupt 280
  5. How Krispy got creamed 260

Top 5 Links from an external page (pages)

  1. http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c, 229
  2. http://translate.google.com.do/translate, 229
  3. http://translate.google.ca/translate, 165
  4. http://thetdlgroupltd.com, 31
  5. http://samouprav.ru/teach/ch24/ch24.htm,11

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