Where shame is, there is also fear.

1. People think the most fearful people in franchising are franchisees.

They are wrong.

Franchisees certainly have difficulties but theirs are simpler and easier to deal with.

2. People then would believe that franchisors are pretty heavily weighted down with shame.

Yes. They have their share but not the majority.

3. The franchise lawyers are the locus of the majority of all shame-humiliation. They are crippled by it. The greatest fear I have ever seen is in the eyes of attorneys that I know. Some so great they are speechless when I see them.

Their role is to be Champions of Tyranny as Northrop Frye pointed out in his analysis of Blake.

Truth never comes into the world but like a bastard, to the ignominy of him that brought her birth.

John Milton 1608 – 1674

One Response to Where shame is, there is also fear.

  1. Carol Cross says:

    If you are saying, Les, that it is the Bar, the Attorneys, on both sides of the franchise arrangements who are driving the get-away cars, I agree. If you are saying that franchisees contribute to their own exploitation, out of fear and ignorance, I agree!

    Whether or not attorneys feel shame or humiliation when they deposit their hefty fees in their personal bank accounts, I’m not so sure. They should, of course, be ashamed of playing with a “stacked deck” in the courts but only “stacked decks” are available and out of their personal control –which, perhaps, mitigates any personal shame.

    Obviously, the Bar and the Courts become the “Champions of Tyranny” of the Corporatios who influence and write the laws in Representative Democratic Republics.

    When little fish finally have their eyes opened and realize that they will be eaten by the bigger fish, it doesn’t change anything for them. They still have to swim in the only water available to them – until they are eaten and digested by the bigger fish.



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