The name of a man is a numbing blow from which he never recovers.

My full name is Leslie James Stewart.

I understand a bit of what Elvis is saying (quote by Herbert Marshall McLuhan).

I had a lot of problems with my name … my first name Declan is really not very well known outside of Ireland, MacManus is a name they could never spell … if you think about the names of ’76, ’77 … I got of kind of lightly — with a name you could live with, you know, in time. … I kind of liked the dare of it. Of course we weren’t to know that within a month of my first album actually being issued Elvis Presley would die, and it would actually be a talking point. … Let me put it this way — people don’t forget you with that name. It’s sort of receded as — and this may sound terribly disrespectful and heretical — but as Elvis Presley has receded as a musical force, people make much less of a case about it. Elvis is a sort of cultural figure but there is no direct line between the music of Elvis Presley and the music of today. There is none whatsoever, he’s no influence whatsoever, that I can detect, on music made today. Other than people who consciously retro in styling themselves after his ideas. There is no direct impact in the way that you can hear the influence of The Beatles or Stevie Wonder or numerous other people.

Elvis Costello (Declan Patrick MacManus)

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