No fault Franchising: Business models change all the time

You do 100% accurate due diligence before you signed your franchise agreement. The model checked out, aces.Three years in, however, the model changed making your investment sour.


Whose fault is it?:

  1. franchisor — even though they clearly stated in the agreement that it was their model and they could change it anytime, for any reason, without anyone’s consideration (let alone yours),
  2. franchise lawyer — their duty is to protect their client (95% of the time = franchisors),
  3. sales agent — who said there was some “good faith” law that protected you (specific provisions +99.9% trumps wishy-washy ones),
  4. the regulator — tend to be influenced by those that can wield influence,
  5. your parents — don’t buy junior a franchise (suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24),
  6. your wife — you didn’t let her sign any paperwork (did you?), or
  7. yourself.

Answer: Nobody.

It’s in the nature of modern franchising. You simply misunderstood and bought into a persuasive and sophisticated marketing message.

You fell for the old cock and bull story.

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