Lapdog, Watchdog & Network franchisee groups

Once a franchisee figures out he can’t do it on his own, they have 3 choices (2 are born losers):

  1. Advisory Councils: Financed and lead by franchisor. Illusion of meaningful input.
  2. Independent Franchisee Association: Financed by franchisees but lead by attorney. Short-term. Born to fail because of information and economic imbalances.
  3. Attorneyless Franchisee Network: Financed and lead by franchisees. Long term, digitally based, information needs subcontracted via several sources. Start with weblog. Example.

— see also Attorneyless Franchisee Networks: The next Evolutionary step in franchisee advocacy

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2 Responses to Lapdog, Watchdog & Network franchisee groups

  1. I wonder if the 3 option should not simply be described as “franchise trade association”? And the 2 option as “litigation group”


  2. Les Stewart says:


    Seems reasonable although it doesn’t get to the heart of the having to address the credence good issue.



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