A degree of self-loathing

Ivey MBA leader circa 2010?

I made it to a little over 2 minutes.

Leslie James Stewart, U.W.O. MBA 1987

5 Responses to A degree of self-loathing

  1. Didn’t make it past 24 seconds.


  2. Les Stewart says:


    In 1999, Gillian Hadfield was kind enough to explain to me the difference between a professional and an academic degree.




  3. Not that I believe a degree means very much, but “A Degree of Self-Loathing”? I’m afraid I miss your point entirely.


  4. Les Stewart says:


    Some faculties of business administration try so hard to demonstrate that they are in the leadership development business that they become crippled in their own self-importance.

    Ivey’s MBA, while it has a fine reputation, does a very good job of pumping up the self-confidence (arrogance?) of their young graduates.

    It’s a matter of taste, is what I am getting at. As a grad myself, it did take about 5 years to stop being “full of myself”. I sometimes cringe at how naive and self-important I was back then.



  5. Carol Cross says:

    When I first listened to this UTube, I thought it was a joke and a dirty trick by those trying to denigrate the MBA program at Ivey. Whether ignorance or bad taste, it was certainly bad “rap” and a bad commercial.

    I think the MBA programs and the MPA programs and the law schools ought to emphasize courses that stress ethics and democratic values to be applied to the commercial world instead of just greed and money and “anything goes” in the name of profits.

    I blame the academic world for not even trying to stop the rampant fraud of the past thirty years.



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