If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool. C.G. Jung

Young men of substance reach beyond their grasp and they suffer for their ambition.

In that pain, they hold the key to the healing of others.

The Healing of the Fisher King Wound

A true myth always prescribes for the problem that it lays forth. Like any great work of art, it follows the pattern of darkness being redeemed by light. The darkness of our story thus far is the despair and isolation of the wounded fisher king, a suffering that has reached its apex in our own time. And the redemption of that darkness? Where is a cure to be found for so pervasive a problem?

The answer is to be found in a most unexpected place, in the blunderings of an innocent fool who has in him power to release the agony of the suffering fisher king.

The legend of an innocent fool who will one day find his way into the Grail castle and bring the healing to the fisher king has long been known in the land so ravaged by the wounding of their king. In its simple language the myth promises that one day a young man, entirely innocent of his great mission, will wander into the Grail castle, see the magnificent procession that is enacted every night, and, if he asks the one pertinent question, will relieve the fisher king’s suffering and remove the blight from the land.

What a power to have! And what an unexpected place of it to be lodged!

It is Parsifal – not by chance his name means Innocent Fool – who brings this healing power, and we now examine his story that has given him so much curative power.

It is humbling to find that the wounded fisher king is totally at the mercy of an innocent fool to bring the precious healing for his suffering. This is to say that the deepest part of ourselves, the king, can be healed only by a boyish, inventive, capricious, youthful quality.

No one should be expected to see what they are not trained to look for.

But, then again, that is neither proof or non-proof of that level of understanding.

The Fisher King & the Handless Maiden: Understanding the Wounded Feeling Function in Masculine and Feminine Psychology, Robert A. Johnson, 1993

Painting: The Knight Of The Flowers (or Parsifal), Georges Antoine Rochegrosse

One Response to If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool. C.G. Jung

  1. Carol Cross says:

    i’M SURPRISED that you made no special comments about Labor Day which both Canada and the United States are celebrating today? You lost me on today’s blog that is too deep for me to understand.

    How about some comments on what franchising and labor day have or don’t have common?

    Could it be said that the franchise model of doing business undermines fair labor laws and collective bargaining to maximize profits at the top of the financial pyramids?i

    Happy Labor Day!



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