Les Stewart Consulting: franchisee leadership development


While my work has, up to now, been for free on the internet (here and at WikiFranchise.org), I too need to charge for my services. I have invested in a technology that franchisees can access to improve their situation.

One thing I have learned about franchisee/franchisor relationships is this:

Power never takes a back step — only in the face of more power.

Franchisees are not powerless. It is a lie that franchisees cannot improve their situation, although an unthinking, passive legal-only strategy will almost always fail.

Franchisee champions that call me require a willingness to learn: to accept an education, advice, training, leadership development and coaching that quite frequently moves them outside of their “comfort zone”. After an initial interview, we customize a plan to protect the leaders and start re mediating the damaged/broken franchsie relationships.

I teach a PhD course in franchisee empowerment.

I choose my clients carefully because these are long-term, highly confidential trusting relationships. I am available 24/7 and have many resources to draw upon (see LinkedIn). Franchisor over-reaching (opportunism: self-interest with deceit) is a chronic condition that goes for as long as anyone is a franchisee. There are very few short-cuts or quick fixes.

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2 Responses to Les Stewart Consulting: franchisee leadership development

  1. Carol Cross says:

    I highly recommend Les Stewart as a consultant! If I had found Les much earlier in my family’s hard and painful experience with a famous brand-name franchisor, we would have had the knowledge and the truth upon which to make better decisions for ourselves. As it was, he was my teacher who guided my personal research of the “beast of franchising!”

    Individual franchisees and franchisee organizations have to face the realities of the franchise model of doing business and the contracts they have signed that will be upheld by the courts. They need to know what is possible and what is impossible in order to improve their positions. Les understands what is possible and because he isn’t an attorney, he won’t lead franchisees down the expensive dead-end path of litigation that is almost always the second victimizatiion of franchisees.



  2. Les Stewart says:

    Thanks for the kind words Carol. This thype of work requires patience, a willingness to question the conventional wisdom and a sense of humour to get through the valleys. You’ve shown all of those traits in spades.

    Glad to have a place where your voice is always welcome.



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