Private equity freaks are savages

Hatched in the dark so they can survive sunlight.

Heads-up to franchisee vegans when the PE guys show up for dinner (ie. your family’s equity):

get some MBA-type advice because your franchisor is was  a pussy cat in comparison.

Thanks to ILoveCharts

2 Responses to Private equity freaks are savages

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Mom and Pop franchisees have NO IDEA of how their contractual promises can be sold or taken over by PE cannibals who then become their employers. How can they understand the concept of Whole Business Securitisations, and the so called “true sales” to isolated entities of the receivables; the treatment of “good will” in accounting for intangibles, etc..or the concept of bonds (junk) or otherwise in Private Equity Takeovers or Buyouts that will result in profits for the PE and their investors,

    What is so disgusting is that the franchisees who form the base of these financial pyramids are deliberately deprived of unit performance statistics so as to provide the cheap labor and cheap venture capital to produce profits for those at the top of the pyramid.


  2. Les Stewart says:


    I have to confess that you were far ahead of me on the threats that PE firms pose.

    There are some options to convert these into opportunities but good work for raising the issue. Les


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