The case for repealing disclosure laws

Any law exists because those most able to compete for it goes to the political process and wins.

This is how the Ontario franchsie law went in 2000. I was there.

Everyone’s interests were served very well, except the powerless: mom-and-pop franchise investors.

Sure a few attorneys were made multi-millionaires (continue to blackball, block and betray sincere advocates), the franchise bar has reached record numbers (God love those disclosure document revisions!) while the 2nd-worst-chumps, the false protagonists (the franchisors) got  a short-term sales bump but their reputation continues to nose dive.

On any legitimate public policy level, the Arthur Wishart Act is a complete and total failure.

But as a way to launder mom-and-pop life savings via dim-witted franchisors?

Priceless to the true champions of tyranny (the franchise bar legal elite).

One Response to The case for repealing disclosure laws

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Too bad! So Sad! All of those who profit from the franchising model of business want no true disclosure of the risk and certainly the attorneys have a special interest in helping to hide the risk (and enable the opportunism) to ensure that the source of this great “product” is protected for themselves and their clients, of course.
    I read J. Daw’s Article ( on the push by Ontario officials for more education of franchisees amd the hearing for the Bill which was to be held on Sep 23rd. What happened? Just more window dressing?
    As bad as Ontario disclosure is, it certainly is an improvement over our dishonest disclosure regime here in the USA —and hasn’t Ontario’s Act been frightening some of those special interests in the other provinces? –Look at (don’t forget the dash) for another TRUTH site concerning the “turd-Y” beast of franchising.


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