This is a beef cow. Its ear is tagged to assign accountability if a steak kills someone.

Franchisees are not tagged, counted or valued in Ontario.

In all legitimate commercial activities,  If you want something you better count it. Can you imagine anybody not counting money in a bank? An auto industry without ISO standards?

cow People are More important than franchisee People

  1. Each cow is carefully counted, tracked, protected from disease,  and measured from birth to slaughter. There is sufficient regulation in place to protect public food safety. It is accessible for academic study.
  2. Franchisee are increasingly butchered for their life savings (bisons on the prairies).

Why should a government care about what an industry says when the elite refuses to maintain an independent, transparent method for tracking their franchise investors success or failures? This is particularly interesting when the Canadian Franchise Association, CFA suggests that they represent both franchisors AND franchisees which begs the fundamental existential agricultural question:

What half-assed farmer doesn’t bother to count their stock even though they have all the resources in the world to do so?

Mr. Cynical Bastard: It’s all about the flesh trade being passed off as a milking operation.

How anyone can legislate when there are zero credible quantitative measures to go by, is beyond me. The 1998 stats define the term “wonky”: the CFA simply takes the numbers the IFA commissions and divides them by “10” to Canadian-ize them. * This is the basis for overseeing/ignoring 40,000 (?) Ontario familys’ life savings.

* notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. has roughly 100 times Canada’s GDP and that there were, allegedly, 5,000 new lawsuits per year in Ontario  in 1998.

It’s enough to make a wolf smile.

Listen to a good Dr: Robert Hare says you should avoid subcriminal psychopathy and, if forced to deal with animals, keep them on a very short leash. That heaviness you’re feeling comes from a close encounter with what has been traditionally defined in Western society as evil.

As the majority of smart Ontario capitalists know after 4 decades of highly-publicized fraud:

Don’t rent any unilaterally changeable business model where your success or failure is never counted by anyone (eg. don’t fly on an airplane if a publicly accountable count of accidents is suppressed by the the airline trade association).

Double that when the “experts” want to trap in an ironclad  zero-sum situation (you lose, someone else wins) created by your own life savings (sunk cost).

4 Responses to This is a beef cow. Its ear is tagged to assign accountability if a steak kills someone.

  1. Carol Cross says:

    So true and so sad! No doubt that the IFA pretends to represent both the interests of franchisees and franchisors and uses inaccurate and bloated statistics and job numbers to control the Congress of the USA -and obscure and hide the risk -“the churning”- that is so prevalent from the Congress, the FTC Regulators, and from new buyers of franchises.

    Of course, this gives everybody in government deniability and the body bags are hidden from view, apparently with the consent of government and our elected officials, and the courts.

    The SBA failure rate is inaccurate and misleading because it doesn’t reflect the failures of franchisees who continue to pay on their startup debt to avoid bankruptcy. Franchisees are silenced and have no voice for all of the reasons that you, Les, have written about.

    I am discouraged when a good man, one of our Representatives, who is known for his great regard for the troops is “fooled” into believing that the IFA and the Armed Services should work together to provide jobs for the returning VETS. I think I will write to him and ask him if he is innocently setting up his favorite lambs for slaughter!


  2. It would be very simple for each franchise system to maintain a register of what the unit last sold for. Clearly, this is material in the housing market and would have to be material in the franchise market.


  3. Les Stewart says:


    Without this listing/selling information, I think as a prudent businessperson, it would be appropriate to consider the resale of your franchise to be zero.

    Without a verifiable number, valuation should be zero.



  4. Carol Cross says:

    Michael Webster suggested this a few years ago but, of course, such a system would immediately disclose in many systems that the startup costs almost always exceed the selling price, etc.. and CHURNING would be disclosed to new “founding” franchisees.

    The startup costs which are advertised and don’t have to be substantiated with any existing facts are the HOOK. The franchisors would fight such disclosure!


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