Record-breaking month for

Another set of records for September on

Almost 1 gigabyte of bandwidth in one month. The file size for most popular article was 20.5 KB.

Month-to-Month Records

  • Pages: up 79.2 % to 26,324
  • Hits: up 60.9% to 38,266
  • Bandwidth: up 59.0%  to 973.9 MB
  • Unique Visitors and Visitors: up to 3,145 and 4,177


One Response to Record-breaking month for

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Congratulations Les! for all of your good work in getting the word out. Slowly but surely your readership is growing and I know you have saved many from becoming “franchise fools.”

    I am sick about what is going on in the US Congress who is selling out out troops and their families –returning VETS– to the IFA and the special interests.

    The Great Franchising Robbery continues under the protection of the flag —how sad!!!


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