One day, franchisee families will count

Each franchisor and franchisee with their own unique ISBN-type number.

Assigned by a private company under contract to the national franchise governing council with a corresponding gmail account accessible by both spouses, held confidentially by this corporation that is enabled legislatively to report to all levels of government. Online registration and due diligence portal protocol funded by franchise bankers (required number to get current account) and sponsored by industry and government authorities. Revenue neutral within 5 years (private or public equity funding?). Mediation intake, processing and reporting. Franchise bar credentialing. Pre-sale education. Industry and legislative program evaluation possible (ie. VetFran and others). Register all confidentiality agreements.

A basis for rational industry growth.

Within reach of any smart phone at pennies per entry.

One Response to One day, franchisee families will count

  1. Carol Cross says:

    I hope this is a prediction! —Will the flaw in the USA FTC Rule be fixed? Will the government see the value in supporting sustainable small businesses and in NOT growing commerce on the flesh of innocents on the bottom o9f the financial pyramids?

    It looks like the frasnchisors are up to the same old tricks to grow or sustain their EBITDA’s in times of recession. Will the troops and their families be sacrificed to the ugly status quo because the Congress is ignorant or complicit? Will the flaw in the regulation of US franchising be corrected???Does asnybody care —when the body bags are hidden from view?


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