Thought control, the digital media and empires

New media is often captured by totalitarian regimes.

PhD, one-time, legally appointed Chancellor Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl used motion pictures.

Now others use the internet.

I responded recently to a series of posts from Richard Solomon and an anonymous poster called FuwaFuwaUsagi. Fuwa’s motto is, it seems “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.”,_Adolf_Hitler_und_Leni_Riefenstahl.jpg

Near the end, it’s just pathetic.

2 Responses to Thought control, the digital media and empires

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Brain Washing and “Brand” Mentality are understood by the BAR who drives the getaway car and who “fixes” everything for a price — but the BAR never has to fix the getaway car which is always in perfect running order.
    Richard Solomon works for himself but he does tell the truth about franchising even to the point where he says that it is hard to do “killer due diligence” because most of the other attorneys aren’t competent to do “killer due diligence for clients,” Richard doesn’t suffer from a lack of ego.
    Who is this Fuwa who pretends to be as big shot running from airport to airport and who is all-knowing and wise? Perhaps just a windbag who protects the status quo and who personally attacks old ladies who disasgree with him.
    Of course, Richard and Fuwa both attack Oldsworld on Blue Mau Mau because he does tell the truth about the FTC-SBA-IFA alliance and the subsidy of franchising by the government. But his voice and truth will be shouted down by those who protect the ugly status quo and use the Internet to spread their propaganda! “Pathetic” as you say, Les!



  2. Carol Cross says:

    While my computer is blocked from Blue Mau Mau, I am able to read comments by using a proxy engine.
    I see where those pro-dishonest-regulation advocates still try to indicate that the Federal Government, the FTC, regulated franchising in 1979 to prevent fraud. If this were true, of course, the federal government wouldn’t have set such extremely low standards for the franchisors to sell franchises to the naive public.
    We have to agree with Robert Purvin and his comment #79 to the FTC in 1997 wherein he points out to the FTC the flaws in the Rule that have invited intentional fraud and tort against uninformed good-faith Mom and Pop prospects who have no idea of the risk of their investment in a franchise, Mr. Purvin even indicated in his public comments to the FTC that the primary purpose of the FTC Rule was to protect franchisors from claims of fraud in the sale of franchises to the public.
    Those who commit fraud and tort under cover of dishonest and inadequate federal and state regulation of the sale of franchises to the public feel very safe and protected!


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