+Forty years of denying an appropriate franchise law framework

Everyone knows the outcome is pre-determined.

Go ahead: Say you’re going to pass franchise laws that protect the most vulnerable.

If you believed they put a man on the moon,
If you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve,

One Response to +Forty years of denying an appropriate franchise law framework

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Les! You continue to educate me! I UNDERSTAND that it is not politically expedient and feasible for government and the special interests who gain from franchising to know and disclose the risk of the purchase to the uninformed buyers who provide the cheap labor and cheap venture capital that makes franchising so durable in world economies.

    Thia will never happen anyplace in the world where franchising has taken hold. Fighting windmills and stone walls can give one a headache. Why do we try?

    Look at the enemy forces, the “special interests” as listed by Frandata (who runs the SBA Fanchise Registry for the US government) and who indicate “Who they Help” – i.e. -Franchisors, Consultants, Private Equity, Banks and Lenders, Suppliers, International, Legal Advisors, Franchise Brokers, Associations. No mention of franchiSEES and the other special interest, the government itself!

    I wonder if Frandata still sells those $29.00 risk profiles to prospective franchisees that, of course, don’t reflect third-party churning and turning, and only the SBA failure rate, and are, therefore, misleading. It is so easy to indicate expansion (achieved in part by churning) as an indication of the viability of the units tha comprise the systems!

    The biggest “confidence game” – perhaps – in the history of capitalism will continue and maybe someday they will sell franchises on the moon – huh?


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