If you lost your money, Call your franchise banker.

Get smart.

Who do you think teaches new franchisors or amateurs like David Scenna (Hookers and Booze: Your tax dollars at work) franchise money management?


Your franchisor is nothing much more than a rodeo clown.

  • The brains behind the outfit are the franchise bankers. Only a fraction of the government loan losses are claimed because accurate reporting would queer the deal. They self-finance the used franchises via compliant equipment appraisers on the front end and their captured bank receivers on the other (exit franchisee into bankruptcy.
  • See 2005 details.
  • Crapola franchises.

Last time I checked, +80% of Canada Small Business Financing program loans were done via these people below. Why not give them a call and ask them for a 10 minute interview?

Bank of Nova Scotia
Mr. John Dykeman
Ms. Irene Thomson
National Franchise Programs
Phone: (877) 252-6088 Toll Free

BMO Bank of Montreal
Mr. Steve Iskierski
Senior Manager, National Franchising Services
Phone: (416)927-6026 / (877)629-6262
Web: http://www.bmo.com/franchise

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC
Mr. Charles Scrivener
Director & Head, CIBC Packaged Loans Group
Phone: (416) 980-3225

Royal Bank of Canada
Mr. Paul DaSilva
National Franchise Market
Phone: (416) 974-8299

TD Canada Trust
Ms. Irene Law
National Manager, Franchise Banking
Phone: (866) 871-2178 / (416) 307-9270

Source of contact information

3 Responses to If you lost your money, Call your franchise banker.

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Les! As an MBA, you understand the subsidy of franchising and banking by your government and would like an explanation –where is the accountability? Why and how is it that profits can be made for those on top from the sale of unsustainable small franchised businesses that carry government guarantees and are sold to Mom and Pops on the botom of the financial pyramids.

    It was you who referred me to Mercatus(ap?) on Banking and the SBA of the US where I gained a small understanding of the subsidy of franchising provided by my government Smalll Business Agency which serves the special interests. I was shocked to learn that the SBA knows that most small business loans ultimately fail!

    I won’t pretend that I understand all the “workings” of high finance and securitization of franchise cash flows, etc. but I do know enough to be suspicious when I read a Frandata (the contractor who runs the SBA Franchise Registry) message to Private Equity which says: “If you are interested in investing in or acquiring a franchise system or franchise units that meet your particular investment criteria, FRANdata can help drive your success.”

    Why isn’t this a conflict of interest for a private contractor who handles government guarantees of small business loans to be solicitating PE companies in order to sell statistical data concerning the performance of the franchise sector of the economy???

    If Mom and Pop really undestood that, as franchisees, they are merely assets of franchisors who are interested ultimately in IPO’s or PE investment opportunities, would they play this dangergous game with the high risk involved?

    Yes! Franchising has to be one of the most successful “confidence games” supported by all three branches of government in the history of capitalism!



  2. Charvaka vn says:

    Respected Sir ,
    I am Intrested to do this i need completed detials about this phone call details,,,,


  3. Les Stewart says:


    Email me at les DOT j DOT stewart AT gmail DOT com

    Many things can be done long distance.



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