Why is Mark Bryers, former franchisor & attorney smiling?

Because he knows white-collar laws are a farce.

Under Kiwi law, there is insufficient evidence for the Serious Fraud Office, SFO to press criminal charges although 3,000 New Zealanders have lost $80 million of their life savings via the Blue Chip franchise system.

  1. Blue Chip escapes SFO noose
  2. Shock as SFO decides not to lay Blue Chip charges
  3. SFO says insufficient evidence for a criminal prosecution of Blue Chip

Bryers was sentenced in May for over 1oo commercial offenses for which he pleaded guilty. The sentence?: 75 hours of community work and a $37,500 fine. (Blue Chip boss sentenced – but avoids jail)

Not too surprising when governments treat a law enforcement agency as a political sacrificial lamb.

Ray Borradale from Australia notes on yesterday’s FranchiseFool post:

… I do like New Zealand’s approach to franchising.

Nothing complicated – don’t even tell anyone its buyer beware and then keep the location of the mass grave a secret. Economic efficiency and the grace to not worry people before its time to send them to that other place. Bewdiful …

Unmarked economic mass graves.

Plague victims on Venice island

What Mark Bryers did was substantially the same as every franchise system does frequently/sometimes/selectively does. Bryers ambition was larger and his time frame was shorter. That’s the only difference.

I quote Ray because Bryers is now Australia’s responsibility.

4 Responses to Why is Mark Bryers, former franchisor & attorney smiling?

  1. Carol Cross says:

    How sad and sickening and predictable! I wish, in my old age, I didn’t have know about these “sick” realities and the illusions that support them.

    I wonder what kind of country my grandchildren will live in. It is the corporations and their money who educate the law makers and it is the attorneys who drive the get-a-way cars!

    When corporate persons steal from the masses, it is (almost) never “criminal” in nature and either an administrative violation (as in franchising)or a civil tort for which a small money penalty can be paid and, as in this case, a few hours of community service. Corporations, who control the law and the courts, can commit GRAND larceny with impunity under the laws that they have influenced,

    But! if a little person, a consumer, steals $2.00 from a coorporation —as in shoplifting, the great power of the government comes into play and they can be and are often charged with the CRIME of “stealing” — the criminal offense (against the people) under State statutes. AND, in most Western nations, the corporate retailer can also demand “punitive damages” under Civil Recovery Laws passed by state legislatures.

    Read $200 AAFES Rip-Off for Shoplifting in a Google Search to understand how the US Government is treating the troops and their families who are permitted and encouraged to carry items past the final checkout points (without a request for payment) so that they can be made eligible for $200 fines to be paid to the AAFES and ALSO fines and rehab costs to the Federal Magistrate Courts.

    When “confidence games” like franchising and MLM are legalized and protected under the law of contracts and “fraud” is redefined to accommodate dishonest regulatory policy, the Congress Sleeps! The People Weep! Justice is an illusion!



  2. Ray Borradale says:

    Has anyone bothered to check the latest membership list at the Franchise Council of Australia? When hungry you eat, when thirsty you drink when a former franchisor and attorney you join the FCA.


  3. Carol Cross says:

    In the US, they join the IFA — who pretends to represent the interests of BOTH franchisees and franchisors.

    In the Global economy, it appears that governments have agreed that they can’t do anything to reduce the pool of “sheep” who “unknowingly” provide the cheap labor and cheap venture capital to build businesses that provide profits for those on the top of the financial pyramids —even as franchisees struggle to break even, or fail into bankruptcy.

    Cash flow is KING for the franchisors and the other special interests –even as this churn-based cash flows from a river of blood of thousands and thousands of failed and failing franchisees who are silenced or hidden from view!

    Read Franchise-Forum.com and the article about the squirrel trapped in the cage who can’t get out –and the law is used to trick and trap the squirrel!
    How can we get the word out??


  4. Green Acres says:

    To be fair to NZ I suspect a smaller economy makes minor flaws a little more observable.


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