Humility lessons come in many forms

Bankruptcy is one of them.

Saw my dentist yesterday. Evelyn says I clench my teeth too much and that her daughter’s boyfriend wants to buy a coffee franchise.

I said I would not stand in the way of anyone developing their capacity for humility

It worked, perfectly, for me.

One Response to Humility lessons come in many forms

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    About a year ago I received an abusive, anonymous email from a Poolwerx franchisee who was going broke. I had a year earlier advised him not to sign up with the then chairman of the FCA and I remembered telling him he would be lucky to walk away with his or her testicles.

    I had given him what information I had at the time but had failed to inform of events to come and how quickly he would go broke.

    I apologised and wished him God’s speed. I supect he just wandered off into the sunset and continues to berate John O’Brien and myself to his neighbours.


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