Once upon a time at Canada Bread…

…employees and then franchisees had dignity.

They had dignity because, first, senior management was truthful to them.

To bullshit or lie to someone, to attack their families means that they have no respect for you.

  1. Senior managers come ::  Senior managers go.
  2. Owners come :: Owners go.

Smart breadmen and women protect their families by sticking together.

The deliver…they deliver the human trash back to where it came from: Bay Street. This is best done professionally, methodically, coolly in the only language they understand ($ and the law). Or it can be done in the alley. Either way, it’s happening. Right now, a cross all docks. The Rule of Law or Violence.

Show your children and your children’s children how people of dignity deal with garbage.

Wake up: take this decision to your kitchen table. Protect your equity.

Choose a future for your family.


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