Every franchisee should have their own WordPress blog

Okay maybe one independent one per system per country.

You never know when you have to summon help.

Start here in the cheap seats, then here and then here as the momentum builds.

Without starting now, it’ll be too little too late to thwart the evil-doers.

Only one party in franchising that doesn’t want to talk to your peers. 🙂

I wonder what they know that you don’t?

[This Isn’t Happiness]

6 Responses to Every franchisee should have their own WordPress blog

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Yes! Intelligent and informative blogs like Canada Bread’s Jeff Leifer go a long way to educating franchisees as to the big picture and the place of franchisees in the “big business” picture. You, Les, contribute so much to educating franchisees and their leaders as to the realities of living with the capture of franchise regulation by the majority interests.

    The Internet has and will eventually change franchising because it produces cracks where the light shines in. Knowledge is power –even for franchisees who might not be so easily induced to put their homes and retirement savings at risk for low or no rewards.

    In the meantime, however, the pro-franchisor people will continue to insist that franchising is safe and that there are no statistics to prove otherwise. They will not admit, however, that it is by design that there are no reliable failure statistics for the legislatures to see. They will not admit that “churning and turning” and “pumping and dumping”of units out of view of the legislatures and the courts is what has made franchising so durable in good and bad economies.

    Keep up the good work, Les Stewart!



  2. Carol Cross says:

    The “beast of franchising” prances across the world in the disguise of a beautiful ballerina –tutu, shoes, and pink lipstick — who celebrates the joys of franchising and cash flow, often provided by unsustainable small franchised businesses to big-business franchisors. Because the “beast” is in disguise, the legislatures, the regulators, and the courts are provided deniability that the “beast” even exists or ever existed!

    Thanks, Les, for trying to unmask the beast!


  3. Ray Borradale says:

    One aspect of franchisee blogs is that it introduces uncertainty for the franchisor and tends to lift moral with the downtrodden.

    How often do franchisees believe the bullshit that they ‘are the only one with a complaint’ from which the ‘poor performer’ universal claim grew?

    The blogs educate at a few levels and bring more franchisees together but they seriously freak out a bad franhisor caught with his/her pants down. And yes; there is often that element of revenge that can run right through the hot to cold demise of a ahole franchisor.

    Have you ever seen an ex-multi-millionaire ahole franchisor run down the road with his pants down? It was a joy to behold.


  4. Carol Cross says:

    Ray! I hope you catch a photo of an ex-multi-millionair ahole franchisor running down the road with his pants down! –and before the police come! But! you have to admit it’s a rare event.

    I read your comments by Proxy Engine on Blue Mau Mau and I see where everybody gangs up on “Oldsworld” for telling the truth about the lack of disclosure of material financial information to new franchisees. I see Blue Mau Mau is still pushing the crock of “due diligence” down the throats of cheated and exploited franchisees and Richard Solomon is still telling his hard truth in his own inimitable manner.

    The “confidence game” continues and the inherent risk of the startup of any small business, franchised or independent, is hidden from the new buyers of franchises. Unfortunately, franchisees appear to sign their legal rights away when they sign contracts with reliance clauses that permit franchisors to sell unprofitable and highly risky franchises without disclosing the “proven” risk of the business plan to new buyers. .

    The startup costs, advertised as bait, don’t have to be verified with any existing facts and the franchisors routinely disclaim that they have any responsibility for their accuracy within the franchise agreements.

    Better be careful, Ray! I see you are accused of “ranting” —-remember that my computer is blocked from Blue Mau Mau because of my rants about the dishonesty of the FTC Rule and the State FDD’s!



  5. Ray Borradale says:

    Look there goes one now;

    I remember the Sunday morning I go the call from Paul Barry who had been trying for days to get this germ out in the open.

    There was a hell of lot more behind the lead up to this and when the ahole thought it was over it was far from over. My education continues. Everyone here including the lawyer, Tony Fraser, ended up screwed but that was along with close to another 190.

    Those were the good old days … not. The good news was that poor old Phil ended up a broke dribbling wreck thanks to some nasty, nasty people.

    There was another which I cannot find but it was a shorter version as he jumped in the car and took off with a Gump ‘run Forrest run’ coming in.

    Sometimes ya just gotta getcha own justice; apparently.


  6. Ray Borradale says:

    X’mas eve 2008

    The network had been decimated down to 43 franchises and all but a very small handful of franchises had been turned over 2, 3, 4 and 5 times in just over 5 years where the franchisor couldn’t find a buyer for almost 2 years and was stuck with leases and a model he re-modeled to where it screwed him through a little assited transparency.

    The scam would still be rolling along today if a pissed off franchisee wasn’t trying to end up with something if only some dignity. Never under-estimate a blog but the media helped. Those were early days for desent media coverage but today the franchising industry in Australia is under the threat of assisted sanitization. Blog It!

    And I know people have already been saved by a group of people that have been dedicated for many years to ignoring the general insistance that little people cannot make a difference. Blog It!


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