Franchisors play the role of the false target

Identify the real protagonist, the Fixers.

And those that rent money.

The surest sign of a dying empire is when a franchisor starts  self-financing when new franchisees had traditionally used a regulated lender.

Very high dangers of private, unregulated lending (prime plus 5%). Same as loan sharking.

Your house is the real asset at risk, not some phantom idea that you have equity.

See Champions of Tyranny What will the grocers say?


3 Responses to Franchisors play the role of the false target

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    How far do we go with this Les? I have always seen the franchisors as suckers to their associations who are fronts for the associate businesses behind them. Primarily legal firms and banks. A step deeper into the void and there you won’t see the faceless that control the banks. They play everyone whether associated with franchising or just driving the masses into serfdom.


  2. Les Stewart says:


    We go deep.

    As deep as freedom requires.

    You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. Malcolm X



  3. Ray Borradale says:

    There is Escapism but there is true freedom only in truth and reality.

    Indigestible truth leads us unto delusion.


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