Hello Team,

At the last Governance Committee Meeting, the team members of x committed to get back to you regarding a couple of requests: -Ombudsmen Role

My oh my, I’m a restless guy

At the meeting there seemed to be some hesitancy regarding the y Program, as it was suggested that the program was for Franchisors, not Franchisees.  We contacted the x to ask more about the program and they have assured us that this is not the case and the program itself is a sponsored program.


One Response to Hello Team,

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    In Australia y programs or data collection for x or any other body in franchising is always sponsored or co-sponsored and designed by franchisors. And then they dance the dance of illumination and self-praise. My bank does not invest in ways to lower its profit for my benefit. Franchisors do invest in ways to sustain increases in profit and contractually allowed franchisee detriment is acceptable although unimaginative.

    Early last year I was speaking to a franchisor who shared that he was intent on increasing his business [profit] by 10-12%.

    Consider all the different ways a small business person could go about achieving that goal. The franchisor only mentioned one method in his sights. He would increase the size of the franchisee network. With me as the audience he would never have gone to the second method of increasing profit from mandatory purchasing by the franchisee network.

    Meanwhile back with the franchisee that sucker is wasting time and money investing in business analysis, market research, marketing, technology, training and business culture. The lousy bastard could have played along and thrown his capital into multi-franchising but oh no.

    Hang on; he did.


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