People do not like knowing too much.

Julian Assange is perhaps the most hated person in the world.

With all the fuss, my wife started asking me questions about

Stay healthy Julian.



5 Responses to People do not like knowing too much.

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    I’ve spent much of the last 10 days trying to find where Julian Assange has endangered anyone and I cannot find a bloody thing. This beat up is so rotten you can smell big forces coming in to shut down something but what?

    There is now a growing awareness that what Assange has done has simply exposed where governments and politicians have supplied information relating to incidents that were embarrassing to those governments and politicians.

    There are some sicko people in this. Take Sarah Palin wanting Assange’s life terminated because she needs to score political points and headline grabs are her forte. She has not bothered to find out what WikiLeaks has actually produced. The US government was quickly followed by many other governments in the hunt for Julian. It has been reminiscent of going after Bin Laden while global warming and the GFC was pushed back.

    Front page headlines of Assange’s Swedish rape charge typically missed that the sex was consensual and that the charge relates to some weird Swedish Law that alleges Assange may be guilty of rape because a condom broke.

    WikiLeaks is bringing to a head the issue of fear by governments who have woken up that the growth of internet use to communicate dissatisfaction and expose hidden government agendas while bringing together mass voice that has previously not had access to community influence is now a threat to their freakin jobs.

    The only public threat coming from WikiLeaks is the growing sense that somehow Assange can be used to curtail the freedom of speech that now is becoming a very real and usable force, thanks to the internet, to ensure government accountability. Governments want to talk up accountability but they prefer to control the selection of the ‘what’ and the ‘when’ while hiding the ‘this’ and the ‘that’.

    There is a lynch mob mentality deliberately being stirred up and if it were to be allowed to be successful there will be a day when all of the countries involved will be publicly shamed into history for destroying a courageous man simply because governments don’t want the people running countries and holding any politician or business or anyone to account. Freedom of speech is in jeopardy and that is the issue. Not Assange.

    WikiLeaks will dry up as governments madly plug holes but governments see an opportunity to keep control and shut up the little people of the world.

    There will be outrage from Australians if our government doesn’t do everything possible to protect this citizen from the scum running self-interested agendas. If one hair on Assange’s head is harmed I would hope to see all people back on the street causing absolute chaos because leaving Assange out to dry would be way past crossing the line.

    People need to get real freakin angry now.


  2. Ray Borradale says:

    Perhaps I need to be a little more candid. To every security agency and to every head of state condoning this sham I say Fuck You all.

    Special mention to the US, Sweden and Australia.


  3. Boudica Lawson says:

    It is hard to know where to begin with any analysis of wikileaks but one thing seems clear, Corporations are likely to be more worried than governments. You only have to hint that Wikileaks has information about a company to see share prices take a dive. (see Bank of America)

    So far the reporting by MSM on diplomatic cables leaves much to be desired. We have Fairfax news reporting on Labour MP Mark Arbib as an “american spy” without actually realeasing the cable it bases it’s article on. This goes squarely against the principle behind wikileaks, where the evidence is supposed to be available for readers to make up their own minds.

    It is deeply concerning that Australia’s attorney general can wonder out loud if maybe he should cancel Assange’s passport and deny him citizenship.

    I’m not so sure that he is “perhaps the most hated man in the world” that viewpoint might skewed a litlle if you are getting more canadian and american commentary.

    A very large percentage of reader comments and forum discussions on OZ websites are positive towards Assange, with many calling him a hero or Australian of the year and plenty more disgusted that one of our own is the target of an international witch hunt.

    All those calling him a terrorist and baying for his blood should be condemned.


  4. Ray Borradale says:

    The tide has turned and it will not turn back. Its been bloody wonderful over the last few days to see thousands of Australians on the street across the country supporting Assange. It is even better to see similar demonstrations across other countries.

    Its also pleasing to see the government executive in Australia being marginalized even from its own back benchers on the issue of protecting an Australian citizen.

    The senior Gillard government ministers are cowering away saying its up to the Australian Federal Police to determine in their ‘ongoing’ investigation as to whether Assange is guilty of breaking any Australian Law. Australians will not be duped they want him back here where this country can better protect him.

    WikiLeaks does not have any agenda apart from questioning the right of governments to lie and mislead their citizens. Read this article written by
    Julian Assange;

    Worldwide rallies:

    Some Assange Background:

    If governments shut down Assange’s ideals then every citizen of the world will have lost. Governments would then continue to put the big business of pandering to big business to stay in power before the welfare of citizens. The right to Freedom of Speech is the basis to which we can make everyone publicly accountable. What happens if you lose a freedom?


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