Many internal system documents are material facts to future investors

It’s is quickly being recognized to be illegal NOT to leak them in Canada.

Click image for some action.

Each of Canada’s 76,000 franchisees with +1 year experience have received emails and documents from their franchisor that should be on the internet in a properly indexed manner.

WikiLeaks and franchising:

  1. Collect all the “juicy” ones.
  2. Create your own personal franchisee wiki.
  3. Mirror on a capability.
  4. Achieve the best defense against an offensive franchisor.

Call for details.

[Nerd in Love]

2 Responses to Many internal system documents are material facts to future investors

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many documents are lost because franchisees did not appreciate the full relevance in painting the clearest picture over time.

    Franchisees tend to live in the milli-second and miss what they could achieve and the power that comes from the internet. For many the internet offers nothing personally in return but for many other franchisees there is opportunity when there are no realistic alternatives available.


  2. Carol Cross says:

    I agree! But, of course franchisees who buy franchises in good faith, thinking that their franchisors are selling them in good faith don’t understand that the franchisor is NOT a partner and has NO fiduciary duty to them, according to the contract and the interpretation of the contracts by the courts.

    Franchisees are thinking about bringing their businesses to break-even status and not about gathering documentary evidence that might be “material” in any future dispute with their franchisor. By the time things get rough, the franchisee already understands the mechanism of “default” and how much power the franchisor has to take over the business and deprive them of their means of support.

    I agree that the Internet is a powerful tool for franchisees to disclose UNIT performance statistics of the system and routine systemic exploitation by the franchisor that isn’t disclosed to prospective franchise buyers in the sales process or even to the current franchisees within the system.

    But, of course, when the disputes involve attorneys and lawsuits, don’t the attorneys always caution their clients that they musn’t communicate with anyone about the lawsuit and they musn’t post anything on the Internet—for fear of offending the franchisor, the judge, or whom?

    Franchisee silence is golden —for the franchisors — whose surviving “silent” franchisees always appear for the defendant, the franchisor, when disputes over contract terms are heard by the judges!


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