Advertising creates wants from satisfaction

The purpose of mom-and-pop franchising is to make you dissatisfied with your job/life/family.


One Response to Advertising creates wants from satisfaction

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Speaking about “advertising” — advertising will get you everywhere you want to go! We are indeed all consumers who are “brand-brain washed” to join the crowd who gathers around the most popular brand of the moment.

    The Marketing Experts are aware of the instincts of humans to want to be part of the consensus — part of the crowd. The emotions and senses of consumers react to the pretty pictures painted by the words and pictures of the marketing experts.

    The government regulators give the franchisors a blank check to advertise startup costs of franchises which, of course, are implied earning claims —for which the franchisors are not held responsible because these startup costs are disclaimed in the franchise agreements.

    The franchisors are allowed to freely use “press releases” concerning the success of their franchises to advertise their franchises to the public! The illusion for the public is that franchising must be a pot of gold for all involved.

    The Advertising Industry loves “franchising” —- why wouldn’t they?


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