What WikiLeaks is to diplomacy…

WikiFranchise.org is to franchising.

Which is related to a custom franchise system-specific wiki.

Now we’re talking.


3 Responses to What WikiLeaks is to diplomacy…

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Sure hope CNBC researchers spent quality time at WikidFranchise.org and will again air their coverage on franchising! —and expand it to tell the whole truth!

    Kind of shocking that CNBC is so thin skinned that they pulled this documentary off of the air? Why would they do this? What would attorney Zarco sue for? It certainly isn’t “defamation” to tell the truth! is it?

    Apparently, it is only the suits upstairs and the attorneys who decide what the American public can see and hear.

    The investigative reporters are subject to the control of those at the top of the networks. .

    Look what happened to Dan Rather! He was thrown to the wolves rather than the network standing behind him and making an effort to find the truth and settle the matter one way or the other. The public was left hanging which was unfair to the public and to Preseident Bush and to Dan Rather — one of the greatest investigative reporters of all time. CBS did the politically correct thing and put a lid on the chamber pot but never emptied it!

    Wikid-Franchise.org is a public service as these documents speak for themselves and cannot be censored or obscured from view –not yet, at least. But! there will be efforts to silence the truth and to regulate the internet to support the voices of the status quo.

    Does this worry you, Les?



  2. Ray Borradale says:

    There is a sense that governments are sizing up free speech on the internet with a view to trimming the ultimate protection that free speech offers all people – where it exists. If you live in Uganda you won’t miss it.


  3. Les Stewart says:


    What the corporate media does or does not do is of no concern to me. I wouldn’t expect anything other than a weak attempt from 5 or 6 corporations that control the vast majority of the U.S. media.

    Corporate media are in service to the dominant corporate needs/desires.



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