Michael Moore and the low cost of killing a U.S. federal judge

Chris Hedges is right: Moore is a more progressive force than the entire Democratic party.

Lots of guns in Canada: So few killings.

Where does the fear come from?

Race and poverty.


3 Responses to Michael Moore and the low cost of killing a U.S. federal judge

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    In Australia it was once easy to buy guns. Then there was one (1) mass murder in 1996 and the guns were collected and new laws introduced. If someone really wants to buy an illegal gun they can but there has not been a repeat for 15 years.

    Michael Moore is recognized internationally and he doesn’t seem to give a damn what his critics have to say but obviously he does move impossible mountains.


  2. Carol Cross says:

    Yes! Michael Moore is a good man and a good American who works on behalf of the American middle class even though he has become a millionaire many times over because of his documentary movies, etc..

    It is admirable that he uses his wealth and the freedom it gives him to fight for changes that will benefit the people. Michael Moore is not ashamed to admit that he is a Christian and I’m sure Jesus would look him up to break bread if he visited us here on earth again.

    He is a “do gooder” in the best sense of the word and is not afraid to speak unpopular truths to power. Power, of course, tries to marginalize him and discredit him and his message but he keeps coming back. He earns the respect of people of good will who recognize the truth when they hear it.

    His fan base grows and his power grows because he can be trusted to come out and tell the truth about important issues like “gun control.” This powerful lobby will now point their guns at him but he doesn’t care. He will just keep on educating and advocating for common sense gun control to save innocent lives.

    Michael Moore really is a man for all seasons and those who take a run at him –especially those in the media — find that he can outrun them and is not easily silenced or discredited.


  3. Ray Borradale says:

    He is recognised around the planet just as you have described and he does turn the term ‘do gooder’ into an absolute positive. The more crack in the whip the more ‘no gooders’ that get frightened and p*^sd off. That would be much more than fun.


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