Brace yourself like a fighter

God is the master of the forces of evil

Yahweh gave his answer from the heart of the tempest. He said:

Brace yourself like a fighter, now it is my turn to ask questions and yours to inform me.
Do you really want to reverse my judgement, and put me in the wrong to put yourself in the right?
Has your arm the strength of God’s, can your voice thunder as loud?
If so, assume your dignity, your state, robe yourself in majesty and splendour.
Let the spate of your anger flow free; humiliate the haughty at a glance!
Cast one look at the proud and bring them low, strike down the wicked where they stand.
Bury the lot of them in the ground, shut them, silent-faced, in the dungeon.
I myself will be the first to acknowledge that your own right hand can assure your triumph.
Job 40: 6-14

The Ancient of Days, William Blake, 1794

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