By writing to your franchisor you show him to be a phoney

That is the real power of documents in a franchisee-directed wiki.

They speak truth to fraudulent authority.

[brad phillips]

One Response to By writing to your franchisor you show him to be a phoney

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Yes! Les! Your value as a consultant is that you know what is possible for franchisees and what is NOT. I have learned so much from you over these past years because you forced me to think about the “big” picture and to understand how we contribute, knowingly, and unknowingly, to the big picture. You helped me to understand how and why we FEED the BEAST of franchising.

    It still hurts, however, to know that my government pimps for the franchisors in order to permit them to compete against each other with franchisees’ cheap labor and venture capital —–and then rationalize this as being good for The American Consumer. It hurts me that the Courts have made case law that franchisees are NOT consumers and are NOT protected by consumer laws.

    I agree that “Attorneyless” franchisee associations are the smartest way to go because, of course, it is the attorneys who drive the getaway cars in this confidence game called “franchising” and they have protected this confidence game since the beginning! Without the confidence game, maybe the trillion dollar market in the securitization of intellectual property, etc.. wouldn’t have been possible? Who knows?

    We are such little fish and little fish aren’t supposed to think about these things! But! we should try to keep the little fish from being eaten –shouldn’t we?

    Perhaps! Anyone who buys a franchise should send a registered letter to the franchisor asking if there are any “negatives” or “risks” (like the failure of founding franchisees and/or the unprofitability of units) that they should know about that were not disclosed in the pre-sale process and before the sale is consumated —and then file that “unanswered” letter for reference in a Wiki file! .


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