Hope does not reside in the individual

It’s in the obsessed, anonymous group of nerds with no life.

I am so sick of the bullshit franchising  SEO and competitor trolling.

As if it will stop the collapse.

[Julian Assange Coloring Book]

5 Responses to Hope does not reside in the individual

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    I believe Julian is on 60 Minutes US this week.

    Your’s faithfully,



  2. Ray Borradale says:

    Les, have you ever read much about Geoffrey Robertson QC. He represents Assange and his Hypothetoical Series was brilliant.

    He is a true Master and incredibly ruthless in a nice way. Google him and enjoy but don’t miss You Tube.


  3. Ray Borradale says:

    This does nothing to appease my opinion of the corruption in governments.



  4. Carol Cross says:

    You know, Ray, that my computer is blocked from Blue Mau Mau and I cannot read the citation-comment above.
    I saw the 60 minitute interview and I think Assange nicely made the point that he is not editorializing about the information he publishes, and that he just publishes the information and the public is then free to draw their own conclusions.
    Obviously, governments find it hard to operate in sunlight and with transparency and Assange poses a threat to all governments who want to keep certain information from the view of the masses.
    The Internet has changed things and has inspired revolutions, as we now see.


  5. Ray Borradale says:

    As posted at BMM;

    Assange books flight to Guantanamo Bay

    ‘On the information I have, it does not seem unreasonable for a prosecutor in a serious matter such as this to expect and indeed require the presence of Mr Assange in Sweden for questioning and, if necessary, to take a DNA sample. http://www.smh.com.au/world/assange-to-be-extradited-judge-20110224-1b7aa.html’

    This will be hot news in Australia in about 10 hours .

    All ‘talk back’ radio could probably be deemed as the earliest form of effective social media and where quality moderators ensure listeners get a diversity of information and opposing views that in the end influence the individual’s ‘truth’ and social outcomes. Tomorrow it will be on fire.

    The internet is something for politicians to fear because there is typically no moderator and it is incredibly full of massive amounts of verifiable information from which people can form an opinion. No holds barred criticism influences the individual’s opinions as well as social outcomes and is now recognized by governments as something growing out of hand.

    We all know that when facts are presented the average person can separate smooch from fact. Governments are foreseeing increasing levels of embarrassment or an uncomfortable need to be effective for all the people.

    The WikiLeaks saga is not about shutting down embarrassing cables. Democracy is not built in the freedom to vote. Everything, including our vote, that comes from a true democracy evolves from the freedom to voice an opinion, demand accountability and push for fair treatment.– freedom of speech.

    Governments are prepared to force us onto that slippery slope of chipping away at freedom of speech because, in the end, they don’t want to be embarrassed into the next life. Transparency doesn’t often paint the pretty picture that buys votes.

    Now let’s enjoy our new tax levels and gradually forget the victims of disasters of any kind who will not recover. We often accept two-way ridiculous spin without thinking or we turn away as people get swept under the carpet.

    We do get cranky when our own wallets get thinner. But what do the people expect when the general population is known to ultimately accept almost everything thrown at them and taken from them?
    When freedoms are taken look at those who did nothing. I really hope I annoy morons on this ….

    Additionally to the BMM post I would ask what is the relevance of Assange’s DNA when no one has denied he slept with the ladies in question? This decision by the pommy judge is just another fraud and people on every continent need to get busy being loud.

    This may well end up as Obama’s Lewinski – a lie not forgotten.


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