I am McWikiLeaks

If you see something, scan/OCR/index something.

The technology just collapsed everything down to one person per system.


2 Responses to I am McWikiLeaks

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    Remember the concept of democracy? Remember the concept where the will of the people determined the progress of societies? Remember the concept of free speech? Peoples do not have free speech when they are fed misinformation that determines what is then expressed as the will of the people.

    Governments are middle-men at best – lackeys. In growing regions on this planet the planet does not sustain populations. The roles of governments distract and ultimately it has been determined that society in its present form is not sustainable. That is a secret.

    All wars are wars on all people but populations don’t sense the everyday war against all populations. Until peoples feel the war the people won’t have a chance. The deception is making sure people don’t know what is happening. Censorship is a tool and one rapidly refined every day for most of the last century.

    Society has become something akin to the drug addict being kept in a haze with incremental churning. Those who speak up face charges of ‘rape’ and there is the irony.


  2. Funny girl says:

    Ever wonder how many filters pick up the ‘w’ word. I wonder where ‘churning’ rates.


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