VetFran is a milder brand of franchising

They must be right? Prominent celebrity/farmers/creators/franchisors say it’s true.

Let’s just start that start or prolong that addiction to success, won’t we?

Advertising – a judicious mixture of flattery and threats.

Hypocrisy is more dangerous than crime; self-deception is more dangerous than hypocrisy.

Northrop Frye

[Good Housekeeping 1949: Jumping Frog]

3 Responses to VetFran is a milder brand of franchising

  1. Carol Cross says:

    The Vet-Fran connection implies that franchising is a good solution for Vets and their families for a job and perhaps profits as well. We all know that it is unconscionable to steal the life savings of Vets and to use vet discounts and the appearance of government sanction and SBA special Vet loans to hide the essential risk of 50% failure of a franchised business within five years.
    Dishonest regulation at the federal level keeps the cash flowing to those at the top of the franchise pyramids while those on the bottom of the pyramids so often fade away in a river of blood and debt.
    The Great Franchising Robbery Continues!


  2. Ray Borradale says:

    Carol; my understanding is that the US has no effective legislation but it does portray an attempt to deal with the smoke and mirrors that sell rogue brands but fails miserably and ensures that the vast majority of franchisees in the US will never be able to afford justice where relationship Law may as well be non-existent. It virtually is anyway.

    Franchising is a dangerous investment around the world but it seems with the US population and tendancy to sweep the numbers under the carpet the US is probably the last place to invest in a franchise.

    Then propping up the bullsiht with a government backed loan to ensure 50% of Vets will lose their home – now that is one sick society when the reaction is;
    ‘It is what it is – do nothing – move on – bad luck – phark you to the gutter stupid’.


  3. Carol Cross says:

    The tragedy is that the good faith “personal guarantees” of those who are duped into buying franchises are what supports the pyramid of franchising. Profits are sucked to the top from the personal guarantees of those on the bottom who wouldn’t believe that churning is premeditated in all franchise systems.
    This model of business is seriously flawed when seriously flawed human beings use this business model, as needed, to cheat and steal with immunity and impunity under the law.
    Look how CNBC covered for the FTC who has produced the dishonest and deceptive FTC Rule that permits fraudulent inducement to contract in franchise sales with impunity under current law.


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