Two questions for Chris Hedges

Throw Out the Moneychangers:  an act of civil disobedience in New York city his week

Here is the video for the full speech.

Here is the text of the speech.

5 Responses to Two questions for Chris Hedges

  1. Ray Borradale says:

    The rage is justified now and it seems inevitable there will be a collision between those destined to poverty and those that taketh away.

    Why would the mega wealthy give a biscuit when so many layers distance them from giving a crumb?

    We live in a weak society controlled by the mentally disturbed.


  2. Ray Borradale says:

    The fact is nothing will give life to the people of this planet except rebellion and that will be a long road with few prepared for the hardship but they will build to many and it will get ugly. But the alternative to action is too ugly for future generations.

    Watch what happens to the peasnats over the next decade. That will be a preview.

    Jump ahead and see the people strike. Governments won’t rebel until people force the choice between the unrelenting mega rich and chaos. There must be a price but there is no price that the financial power institutions will accept.

    First the people and then legitimate governments of the people and then life is taken back. Oh that my journey was just starting and not so close to the end.


  3. Carol Cross says:

    How do we establish legitimate governments of the people when the people themselves are so easily misled and confused by all of the information that is available and that brainwashes them to accept the status quo as unchangeable? — And good, of course, if they are one of the “haves” who benefit from the status quo! But, Ray, you are right! When the “havenots” outnumber the “haves” the people take back the government and start again.

    It is really hard to discern the good guys from the bad guys in this complicated and smaller world that preaches a global economy as the solution to world peace, etc.. when the globabl economy is really just a solution for the rich to get richer by having access to cheaper labor. etc. to maximize profits. Money has no borders or sovereign loyalty and corporations, who have constititutional rights just like individual citizens, aren’t concerned with morality and have only the duty to make profits.


  4. Ray Borradale says:

    The examples of what Chris Hedges speaks of are endless but I’ll give you one small one from the Australian perspective of international financial manipulation out on the edge and usually missed.

    Last year the Australian government found out it had blown a trifling $40M of tax payer contributions when our FIFA (world soccer) bid was thankfully thrown out. Now don’t get me wrong; like most Australians I am passionate about sport – any sport. But here is how it works.

    Countries bid for the World Series of soccer every 4 years and amongst some relatively small-time corruption. All the countries commit to massive amounts of infrastructure and operating costs and the peoples of every country are told they will win great wealth from the games if they manage to have the winning bid.

    You only have to look at what it didn’t do for the recent economies of Italy and France to see that the only winners were the institutions that fund those governments and indirectly the infrastructure and the games. South Africa is still waiting for the promised prosperity from the last series. Promise of prosperity – where have I heard that before.

    The winning nations get to add to their national debt. How do you pay for national debt on national debt on national debt. Well you could have a shot at the Olympics but all governments have to cut trivial things like health, education, research, roads etc etc.

    But that isn’t nearly enough. People have to be taxed and into peasantry and wages controlled by systems of injustice. Massive numbers of the elderly are ignored to fade away in poor health and poverty.

    No one tells the peoples of countries that their country doesn’t belong to them any longer. That would be unpopular at the charade we call elections where parties vote for their turn at being ringleader. The young are just learning and ignore the future.

    Countries are in hock into the next century and the governments of countries become administrators for those mega financial institutions. But hey; everyone gets to merrily watch world soccer as a pacifier.

    Remember; that is just one tiny, teeny little example of quietly selling out. Give everyone a television and burn the books. Censor the internet before people wake up.

    Who exactly ‘inherits the Earth’?


  5. Ray Borradale says:

    There was a lot of criticism of Michael Moore’s interview on Piers Morgan from those who obviously didn’t bother to listen to the interview or didn’t have the IQ to understand the points he was making.

    Worse was that there was so very little reporting of Michael Morre’s comments on Wall Street’s crimes before, during and since the GFC. The man has guts and he should be seen as one of the real American patriots.

    There are some great free thinking journalists in the US but they are in the minority. Paid for opinion and sensationalism from journalists should not be tolerated but most of the audience does not seem to understand the cooling process.


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