My project work in franchising

There was no map or rule book in testing the limits of the industry.

By nature, these were all unreasonable actions from the conventional viewpoint.

To me, they were just taking one step ahead of the other.

Not bad.

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One Response to My project work in franchising

  1. Carol Cross says:

    Nobody has done more to expose this CONFIDENCE GAME called “franchising” which victimizes so many naive and good-faith human beings who are looking for a job and income and/or a return on THEIR investment capital.

    I congratulate you on your integrity and perserverance and I am hopeful that you have changed the minds of many prospective franchisees —but I am not hopeful that this confidence game will ever be exposed in true terms by any big media interests.

    We have only to look at the media coverage of franchising to understand that they provide cover for the game because they perceive this to be in their interests.


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