For Canadian franchisees, there’s gold in the hills of unfair industry practices.

The Ontario courts have put real teeth into the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000.

Common industry practices are more and more being considered unfair or offensive to right to associate. The Justices are willing to award real cash to improve the vulnerable partys’ practical plan for improvement (proportionality), access to justice, and behaviour.

One example is timothy’s Coffees of the World Inc.: $50,000 award for franchisor’s breach of good faith duty. How many franchisees are in your system?

However, these claims must be mined, extracted and refined most usually within a functioning, patient independent franchisee association, IndFA.

Franchisees need outside, non-legal help to learn about these matters. IndFA leadership needs to be nurtured and supported in the next-to-unknown franchise power area. There is a role for the elite franchisee bar that’s developing in  Canada but the cannot develop franchisees from the ground-up. For sustainable gains, franchisees have to do it themselves (but with some help).

This is what IndFA  business consulting is all about.

To nurture efficient and effective franchisee-led collective gold mining through patient negotiation and litigation, if necessary.

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